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MEB MagazineThe idea of MEB magazine was popped out as a Tool of interaction between us, our candidates and clients.When we have launched MEB Magazine at 2011, there have been several goals in mind, firstly is to provide both our clients and candidates with their different needs , we have been aware of the fact that people are the real assets of any organization and choosing the right candidate to the right position is not an easy task. Also, if they are found, they are hard to attract. So, MEB’s magazine is here to help prominent job seekers and professional employers meet together on the right way, and this is what we aspire as Middle East Bankers for executive search ; to develop a full understanding of the client’s goals and requirements as the foundation for the completion of the assignment. Secondly, we help our clients from top and mid-level management and ambitious candidates who want to develop their career path to be up to dated with the latest training programs offered by the top training providers in the Middle East. We also allow our professional employers to have an eye on the latest changes in the financial market on monthly basis presented by the most reputable financial institutions in Egypt and Middle East. In addition to the announcement of the most recent products and offers launched by the most of the multinational banks in Egypt.

Our Branches

Our Branches in middle east
Our Branches:
P.O Box : 82370 Sharjah Al Taawun Tower 2 , 2rd Floor ,Office Tower | Al Taawun Road , Sharjah - UAE 
15 Mohamed Mandour St. Nasr City - Cairo - Egypt - 11765
Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Online Recruitment

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OD Services

Middle East Bankers specializes in organizational development, helping organizations to improve their effectiveness or efficiency . We can help your organization to Build a Talent Management System, Assess and develop your executives, officers, directors and managers....
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